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Things Some People Have Said

I didn't think you'd trust me to tell you about myself. I know I'm honest, but if you  haven't read my book yet, you haven't discovered that for yourself.  So, in the meantime, here are some things people have said about me and my writing. Some of them may be people I've met.

"A funny, touching, weirdly unfiltered memoir.”

Imogen Howson, Novelist. Also my sister. But still, she should know what she’s talking about, right?

“I like your book very much.”

Hywel Phillips, Particle Physicist. Also my husband.  Look, he’s a scientist. He’s great at being unbiased.

“Beautifully written from the heart and made me so proud to have worked with you and to be counted amongst your friends.  Don’t change  a word. It’s terrific.”

PG, Spanking Producer (and my friend. Shh. His opinion still counts).

“I could almost imagine you reading this out loud; your voice comes through in the page rather vividly. And the next-to-last chapter got me close to tears - not out of sadness, just happiness about seeing how you cope with the bad things in life by being true to yourself and finding joy in what you do.”

CJ Masters, Bondage Producer.  Sigh. And my friend. Look, It’s not my fault. I’m friendly.

"I’m turned on by the irresistible erotic power of your writing. I’m enlightened by your insights into the complex dynamics of the Dom/Sub Tango. I’m in awe at your vivid, wrenching portrayal of pain and your response to it. I’m inspired by your courage to share your most intimate emotions, observations and physical sensations.”

Busby Wilder.  He’s, umm, my friend.  Jesus, let it go.

“You are a very talented writer and *fast*. I was laughing out loud for some of it and a little teary eyed for other parts.”

Eric Cain, BDSM Producer. And yes, ok, my friend.  Stop interrogating me, for heaven’s sake. I can’t help it that I’ve got friends who read.


“What a lovely writer you are! Such a fun read. You are also enormously, and unduly, flattering. A fun and sterling human being, with great intelligence, wit and humanity.”

Scott, my ex Fight Master. I wasn’t being unduly flattering; he was hot AF.


“Although so serious and heartfelt and heart-wrenching, it is also very funny, and I smiled and laughed as well as feeling deeply, deeply moved.”

James, my ex Media Studies Teacher. We’re friends now. But the main thing is, he’s an actual teacher. We have to trust his objective opinion here.

“I think your writing style is brilliant: it reads like a transcript of you talking, which means it's articulate and eloquent and funny.  I have no doubt the rest of your book will be as engaging, enchanting and funny as this chapter,”

Drago Bee, BDSM Filmmaker. And, alright, my friend.  Look; if you wanna read unbiased reviews, you'll need to go to

“Insufferable Twat”.

Some guy, in my YouTube channel comments. Not everyone’s my friend.


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